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Music Composer Scotland, Composer, Logo, Media Composer, Video Games Composer, Film Composer, TV composer

"Hazel is a wonderful collaborator and greatly enriched our film. She took the themes of the screenplay and the visual motifs and translated them into a musical language. Her score is more than just lovely melodies (though it is lovely), it adds layers to the cinematic elements and characterizations, compounding their impact. You would never guess that we were working an ocean apart; our communications were detailed and clear, allowing us to exchange notes and thoughts on ideas with ease.”


Rick Hamilton, Director, MorPi Productions

"I knew instantly that Hazel was going to be the composer for us. Her wide range of melodic scores conveyed her breadth - from solemnity to optimism - and she was the perfect composer for our project, Shakespeare's Landlord. This story game explores difficult topics of  PTSD, trauma and death. As the protagonist reveals the layers of her own complexity, it explores hope. Hazel's gift is in capturing all of these themes seamlessly."

Jean Leggett, CEO & Executive Producer, One More Story Games

"Her composition has a Michael Nyman-esque, semi-classical, cinematic quality."

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